Tuesday, August 16, 2016

a rainy day

so here in austin it has been so hot lately. and i mean so hot. in the 100s every day and i was starting to lose my mind. you know it's too hot when it's too hot to go to the pool, and then when you do go to the pool the water is like bath water because it's so dang hot! okay i think you get the picture... haha. but last week i remember just praying for some rain so hopefully cool the weather down even just 5 degrees. guess what?! i got my wish! it's been raining all week and the temp has dropped a bit and i am so grateful. the only downside is that it's the last week of summer and the kids really want to be at the pool but the thunder and lightening make that impossible. today being the 3rd day of rain we need to get out of the house so we headed to bookpeople for story time and then to the mall to play at a bounce house place. my friend nikki joined us there as well and it was just what i needed. the kids had a blast playing while i was able to sit and chat with a friend. it was the perfect rainy day...
...but i think i'm ready for the sun to come back! haha