Wednesday, February 24, 2016

big big big changes... and i mean BIG!

so we're about to have some huge changes over here. and i mean huge!
we are moving again.. not too far but far enough to be sad..
we are moving to austin, texas. 
curtis has taken a job with the austin police department and will be heading into the police academy at the end of march. this is a huge change for our family but i have faith that it is the right thing and is all going to be great! i am proud of curtis for going for something that is so noble. he is already a hero in our family and now he can be a hero for so many others!

the hardest part about this whole thing, other than physically moving because i hate moving is going to be leaving my friends here. i have made some of the very best friends and it is making me so sad to think about leaving them. thank goodness austin is only two and a half hours away but it's still too far to hang out every day like we do now. it's so rare that you find a group of friends like i have in your adult life. we all have kids the same age and we all genuinely get along. it's a rare and beautiful thing and it breaks my heart to leave it. but i do know that these people that i have met here will be my friends for life. and i mean that. 

but here's to a new adventure and a new city.. we leave in 3 weeks!