Thursday, June 16, 2016

why are people so unkind?

so, even though i probably shouldn't, i am the kind of person who reads the comments on news stories and articles. i say that i shouldn't because a lot of the time they make me really mad. i feel like people like to say mean things just because they can. they are anonymous and they are hidden behind a computer or phone screen and they say things that they would never say to the persons face. but nonetheless i read them anyway and it just baffles me how mean and judgmental people can be. especially lately this has been weighing heavy on  my mind since there have been some incidents where people are judging parents (mothers specifically) really hard. 

first there was in incident at the cinncinnati zoo where a four year old little boy climbed through a barrier and under fences and fell into the moat of a gorilla enclosure. long story short after the little boy was being dragged around by a 400 lb gorilla the zoo felt it best to shoot and kill the gorilla to save the boy. now, of course i am sad that this gorilla was killed. i absolutely love animals and it breaks my heart that he was killed but i would 100 times over kill any animal endangered or not to save the life of a child. no. questions. asked. but on every single news story or article that covered this event, there were people just absolutely ripping this mother apart and calling her a terrible mother and saying that this whole thing was her fault. this absolutely blows my mind. seriously, it is impossible to keep your eyes are every single child at every single moment. and let me tell you something. kids are fast! they are there one moment and gone the next. they are so curious and they don't really understand how dangerous things are. now, i don't know this mother personally but who am i to judge her? accidents happen every day, all day and they are just that, accidents. i cannot imagine the pain and utter fear that mother must have been going through watching her four year old little boy in the arms of a 400 lb gorilla!! and here people are hating on her calling her a bad mother. don't you think that she's probably beating herself up enough without the judgment of cowardly strangers calling her names? and then people saying that the zoo should not have killed the gorilla and that they should have waited to see what happened? are you kidding me? lets just gamble here and see what happens? maybe the gorilla doesn't hurt the boy and he can get away safely?? or what if the gorilla gets mad and kills him in front of his family and all those other people?? that's really a risk you are willing to take? i don't think so. i'm sorry but an animals life is never more important than a human life. no matter how much you love animals it's just not.

and then just this week a little two year old boy was with his family at a disney world resort and was attacked by an alligator and dragged into the water, while his parents tried to save him and was killed. and the same thing is happening here. tons of people saying these parents are bad parents because this little boy was by the water and not in his parents arms at all times. clearly these people don't have a two year old. it's very rare you find a two year old who wants to be held at all times. even so, they are at a resort and wading in water where there are people all around and they are in water that lots of people wade in. and not to mention these people aren't from florida and so alligators are probably not on the forefront of their minds. what gets me the most is that most of these comments start with "i don't have kids but i know that if i did..." oh please. if you don't have kids then you don't know. you just don't. and you also don't know the pain and suffering this family is going through right now. do i need to remind you that they just watched their two year old  violently dragged into a lake by a giant alligator??!! i mean seriously some people have no heart and no compassion. none. i wish i could meet these people face to face and slap some sense into them. i really know it's not worth my time but i just wish there was a little more compassion. 

parenting is really hard and it is really scary. and losing a child under any circumstance is heart breaking, and though i have never lost a living child i will always have compassion for those who have. always. there is no room for judgement. we are all trying our best and we need to support each other and not tear each other down! 

end rant.