Monday, September 12, 2016

girls day

this past weekend was definitely one for the books. my brother in law's girlfriend laura, her sister meredith, and i headed to san antonio for a girls day and for the nick jonas and demi lovato concert. we started the day walking around the pearl and hotel emma's lobby. hotel emma's lobby was incredible. every single thing i looked at whether it be the floor or the walls or anything in between i just wanted to take a photo of and star at forever. it was so cool. it used to be a brewery and just had the coolest vibe. there were all these little nooks with gorgeous couches and little fire places and just made me want to curl up and read a book. 

then we had dinner at the cutest little restaurant called down on grayson. i had the most delicious cheeseburger and their roasted brussel sprouts were out of this world! my only complaint about this place was that they didn't have fountain soda, it all came in bottles and i'm not a fan of that. but honestly this place with amazing. 

we finished the night out with the concert which was a blast. we just danced and sang the night away. there is nothing better than listening to live music with awesome people! it was a great day!