Monday, June 13, 2016

a very great saturday

this past saturday was one for the books. with curtis' new job we don't see much of him during the week so the weekends are much more special and we try to get out and do something fun. this weekend some of my brother in law's girlfriend's family were in town and so we spent a lot of the day with them and it was fantastic. we started the day off at this awesome dinosaur park that is only about 40 minutes away from us. they had a path that you walk through and they have huge dinosaurs to see. it was pretty awesome and the kids loved it even though quinn still wasn't feeling 100%. after we walked the path they kids loved digging in the sand looking for bones and playing on the playground.

after the dinosaur park we headed over to josh and laura's new house to grill and hang out. the kids played with bubbles and other games while we all just talked and got to know each other. we even saw a little tiny baby bird in a nest. it was so cute!! we absolutely love being close to josh and laura and we are so happy we get to see them so often! 

after that we went home and quinn decided she wanted to take a nap so i took brooklynn to the pool and we swam for a few hours and played at the park. it was a fun family filled day and i loved every minute of it! summer is here and we are ready for fun!

now you can enjoy 5 million photos of our day!