Friday, June 10, 2016

our trip to the silos and magnolia market

this week some of my awesome friends came to visit me in austin. rachel and tara packed up all their kids and headed out here. seriously i was so excited. they planned on coming up tuesday evening and then staying until wednesday evening. once they got up here they mentioned to me that they were thinking about extending their trip so on thursday we could go up to waco to the silos from fixer upper. of course i was on board with that because i've been wanting to go to the magnolia store for a while now and it meant i got to keep them here for another day! 

let me tell you, it did not disappoint. the store was absolutely incredible and i am not lying when i say i literally wanted to buy every single item in the store. it was super inspiring and made me very excited of the day when we buy a house and i get to decorate it. i love their style so much. and the grounds were amazing. out back of the store they have this nice big grass area with games for the kids to play and tons of seating on bean bag chairs and tons of beautiful tables. it's perfect for families to come and play and have lunch. they had a ton of food trucks all parked out there even a common grounds one. they also had a seed supply store with the cutest most amazing garden and now i am 100% sure that i need a garden like now. in the garden they had a bunch of little fairy gardens that were absolutely amazing and i also am going to need a few of those too. 

we had a great time even though between the 3 of us we had 8 kids total! they were all so great and they had fun too! all i know is that i will be going back very soon! especially when magnolia flour opens up!! and maybe one time i'll run into joanna and chip and that would be amazing! i am mildly obsessed with them at the moment and i just love everything they are about. my friend rachel told me a story about them that i didn't know that i thought was so inspiring, especially since i've always struggled with the amount of screen time we have in our family. I guess before they were married they saw a marriage councilor and he challenged them to not have a tv in their house for the first 6 months of their marriage. they did it and then after the 6 months was up they decided to go another 6 months.. and then 12 years of marriage later they still to this day have never had a tv in their house. i find this incredible. i don't know if i'd ever be able to do that but it is very inspiring! 

here are some photos from our time there. i meant to grab my actual camera but completely forgot it and i was so sad. so i only had my phone! and also, if you haven't seen fixer upper you should because it's great!
 brooklynn was more than happy to be reunited with her bestie austen!

 our pack of children minus quinn. haha

 this poor little munchkin wasn't feeling well while we were there. :(

 brooklynn was checking out all of the bees on the flowers
 can we talk about this little fairy garden?!?! i need one right now.
i love these girls of mine. :)