Saturday, January 30, 2016

picnic at the park

so sometimes when we are bored on saturday evenings we decide to take a picnic to the park. and not just any picnic... a super awesome delicious mcdonals picnic. kidding. mcdonalds is never delicious. but thats exactly what we did. because once a kid has a happy meal they will forever and always ask for happy meals. it's just not possible for a kid to have one and then never ask again. my kids ask me for a happy meal almost daily since we drive through mcdonalds daily for a diet coke... you know... cause i'm addicted.. don't worry though, i rarely ever get them one.. cause being addicted to fast food is gross... ;) but anyway back to our picnic... besides the fact that the food we were eating was nasty and quinn decided to blow chocolate milk bubbles all over her shirt we had a great time. the weather has been so warm lately that its been nice spending time outside. plus the kids love the park so thats always a good time. also, the sky was so pretty tonight.. i have a weird love for a pretty sky, they make me so happy.. any who, naturally now you get to look at a bunch of photos that i took at the park tonight.. enjoy!