Wednesday, January 27, 2016

alone time with my quinn

having two kids has been everything i've ever dreamed of. i absolutely love having two girls and they are just the light of my life. but it is nice when i get to spend time with each of them one on one. with brooklynn being in preschool quinn and i get one on one time 3 times a week. most of the time we just run errands or hang out at home while we wait for brooklynn to get home from school but every once in a while i like to take her to do something fun just the two of us. i think she really enjoys having all of my attention for a little bit. 

today she and i headed to the houston zoo for some fun. we just got a pass there so we will be going way more often. we had a blast. we also ran into a friend there which always makes for a good time! i love how excited quinn gets about everything. every little animal she was so excited to see.. even the snakes! yuck. she would say, "ohhh look at that snake, it's soooo coool"! she cracks me up all of the time! 

we had a great time today but we were also very excited to pick brooklynn up from school! i can't even explain how much i love my girls! i am the luckiest mom is all the world! 

here are some photos from our day at the zoo today..
also, thanks kelsy for the cute sweater quinn is wearing!!