Friday, February 6, 2015

oh you know, just one of the worst weeks of my life

with curtis' new jobs it's pretty great because it's pretty flexible. we had just been talking a few weeks ago about how nice it was that if one of us was sick or had an emergency he would be able to not work that day to help out.. but sometimes he has to go out of town. last week was one of those weeks. as i was dropping him off at the airport i said to him (which i shouldn't have said), just watch, now that you're going out of town everything will go wrong. and it did.

i got home from the airport and put quinn down for her nap. when she woke up i changed her diaper and realized that she had hives all over her legs. OF COURSE! i gave her some benadryl and gave it some time and it went away. yay. or so i thought. the next morning when she woke up the hives were back in full force. so i called our insurance and got a list of a bunch or pediatricians in our area and started to call around to a few. because we were a new patient none of them would see us same day. so beyond frustrating. so i found a couple urgent cares and got the kids ready and headed out the door. i get almost to the first one and realized that i left my wallet on the counter. i had taken it out do deal with insurance stuff so i turn around and drive all the way back home and then go all the way back out only to find that it doesn't open up until 4pm! what is that? so i find another one to find out it opens at noon (it was 11am at the time) so i ran some errands until it opened. once she was seen the doctor prescribed a steroid for her but told me to do benadryl every 6 hours for 24 hours before giving the steroid. no real definitely answers. luckily it seemed to figure itself out. 

tuesday was an alright day but then wednesday rolled around. let me give you a little back story on this incident. i don't want to give too much detail on this issue but lets just say i was have a really long and bad "that time of the month" that was then on day 18.. yes you read that right, day 18. and i was really feeling nauseous and light headed and just feeling really bad.. i felt like i needed to see a doctor but of course no one could get in a new patient for weeks! what is with that?? that night it got really bad and i was getting really worried. we just moved here to texas and i had no idea who to call. at this point it was 9pm and the kids were asleep. i'm going to take a little break here a quickly mention how amazing my church is, for real, because my mom called my bishop and he and his wife rushed to our house to help me! seriously how amazing is that? so i went to the ER and was there from 10pm-4:30am and basically they told me i was fine and that it was most likely a hormonal issue and that i needed to see my OB. as frustrating as it was to not have any answers it was nice to have peace of mind that i was not dying.. because yeah i'm a little dramatic like that.

so while i was at the ER i all of a sudden started having a really bad tooth ache. like, really bad. so bad i couldn't concentrate on anything else. i even called the nurse it to give me some pain killers while wait for the results of all my other tests. but it didn't help. so i went home that that (morning it was 4:30am) and slept for a few hours before the girls got up. that day i just went about life as normal even though my tooth was really bugging me, i wanted to wait until curtis got home to go to the dentist. that night i kid you not i did not sleep at all because no amount of pain killers would make the pain subside. i'm not going to lie.. i was a little worried about how much i had taken but the pain ah the pain it was unbearable. so the next morning i decided i had to go to the dentist there was just no putting it off. so i called another person from my church who was able to find someone to watch my kids (who turned out to be someone awesome and i'm so happy to know her now). i couldn't get in until 1:30 and that morning/afternoon i was doing everything i could to not curl up in a ball and bawl my eyes out. the only thing that was keeping from doing that was the fact that i didn't want to terrify my kids. 

so i finally get to the dentist and through tears i tell him what been going on.. they took some X-rays and realized that i needed a root canal on a tooth that had a root canal 20 years ago (whoa i'm getting old and dang i can't believe i had a root canal in elementary school!!!) but there was nothing they could do for me right then. the infection in my tooth was so bad that i needed to be on antibiotics for a while before they could do anything. he prescribed me pain killers and an antibiotic and scheduled me an appointment for a few days later. luckily by that night the antibiotic had kicked in and the pain was starting to go away. can i just talk about how amazing my kids where that day for a minute? after i picked them up i went home and literally sat in a chair until bedtime with the exception of getting something i don't even remember what for dinner for them. and they were so good! they just played and didn't give me a hard time at all. biggest blessing ever. i went to bed early that night and woke up from my alarm to take my antibiotic and almost jumped for joy when i realized how much of the pain was gone. it was like someone had been hitting my tooth with a hammer for 2 days then suddenly stopped. oh it was the sweetest relief. when i woke up the next morning the pain was almost completely gone but my face was super swollen on the left side. it was pretty crazy, i had never seen my face do that before. i called the dentist and he told me to take the antibiotic every 6 hours instead of every 8. 

by the time sunday rolled around and we got curtis back everything seemed fine again. he missed all the crazy. and i am glad to be out of that week. because let me tell you.. it sucked. it sucked real bad and i don't want to deal with it ever again. ahh but i am glad that i got to meet some people out here even though it was under some crazy circumstances!  

on a different note.. enjoy this little video of quinn going down her favorite slide