Tuesday, February 10, 2015

mini biscuit pizzas

okay this is something new that we tried for dinner tonight and it was amazing. my kids are pretty picky eaters and it's always a struggle to find something that both of them will eat. pizza is great and brooklynn likes it but usually the crust of the pizza is too tough for quinn to eat. so tonight we tired little personal pizzas made on flattened out biscuits... not only did they taste super yummy both my kids gobbled them up AND brooklynn had a blast helping me make them.

all you need is..
1 can biscuits (you can use whatever kind you like)
2 cups of pizza sauce
3 cups of motzerella cheese shredded (or more depending on how much cheese you like)
toppings of your choice (pepperoni, bell peppers, sausage..)

the steps..
-preheat the oven to 400 degrees
-grease a cookies sheet (or two if you want to cook a lot at the same time)
-flatten out each biscuit on the cookie sheet to about 5 inches in diameter (do this right on the cookie sheet it's too hard to move them from a plate to the cookie sheet)
-spread pizza sauce on each biscuit
-sprinkle cheese on each one
-at toppings of your choice
-sprinkle more cheese on top
-bake at 400 for 7-10 minutes

and there you have it, the easiest mini personal pizzas you will ever make! and they are seriously so good! this will be a staple in our family meals for years to come!
i hope you enjoy!

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