Friday, January 16, 2015


well, two weeks ago we moved to houston, texas. it was rough getting here. we hit really bad weather and had to do the trip in three days rather than the normal 2 it takes us to cross the country. we left on december 30th and got to texas on january 1st. so new years eve was spent in a hotel in wichita falls, texas, but it was perfect. i had my perfect little family and we were all together. i was nervous about the drive since on the news i heard them talking about how it was bad to drive unless you really really had to because there was going to be ice rain and the roads were going to be straight ice and man was i scared. but it actually ended up being totally fine and we made it with no problems. 

we are renting this little old house in katy and at first i did not love it. it has its issues but it's growing on me.. we just need to get the dang oven fixed that has been broken since we moved in.. hopefully that will be taken care of on tuesday. it's caused me to get creative with my crockpot. so that's fun. as of right now i have one friend, a girl i met through blogging many years ago lives out here and last week we met and hung out for the first time and she's awesome. i'm thankful for her she's helped me figure some things out like where do get a gym membership and some other things. it's definitely helped me feel less alone. my ward at church seems to be pretty great and hopefully i can meet some more people there. i am seriously so grateful for the church, literally wherever you go you already have a family waiting for you ready to take you in. it's pretty incredible.

the girls seems to be adjusting to the texas life pretty good. we've just been exploring our little town while curtis is working. they have some pretty great malls out here with double decker carousels and huge play areas. brooklynn's dream come true.

well, we are happy to be here, and i'm never moving again.

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