Tuesday, October 28, 2014


i am seriously so grateful for good friends. good friends are hard to come by and i have some really great friends and i am so dang thankful for them. i think that might be one of the things i am most scared about with moving to houston. i don't know a single person who lives in houston and i am going to have to start from scratch on finding friends. 

now family, that is what is most important. i would go with curtis anywhere because as long as i'm with my little family that's really all i need. BUT, having friends i think is also important. i think it's important to be able get away with friends and talk for hours. it's scary to move to a place where those friendships are not yet developed. i'm sure i will find friends in texas and that i will love them too but it is definitely scary.

but back to my utah girls. tonight i was able to go to dinner and a movie with some of my favorite people and they made me really sad to be leaving utah. i have known these girls since my early college years and they have been with me through lots of ups and downs and i just love them so much. we are just going to have to plan girls trips in the future because i am going to miss them so much. i will miss our girls nights because they are the best. i definitely had a blast piling into my van and being silly. i'm pretty sure i've convinced them all to buy minivans! 

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