Friday, October 31, 2014


yesterday i turned 27 years old. where has the time gone? i honestly feel like i just graduated from high school. i feel like high school was yesterday. i really don't hate growing up though. i mean, i've accomplished a good amount of things. i have my associates degree (i will get my bachelors at some point), i'm married to an awesomely handsome guy, i have two beautiful little girls. i mean, i'm looking pretty good for 27. 

i feel like 27 is going to be a good year for me. maybe the best year yet. i have some great goals for my 27th year of life and i am so excited to get started.

yesterday i woke up to a fun birthday hunt done by curtis, hung with my girls, had lunch with curtis and brooklynn, took brooklynn to her 4 year check up (not a fun part of my birthday. shots. yuck.), then had an amazing kneaders strawberry cake and opened some presents, then curtis surprised me with dinner and tickets to go see damn yankees at the hale center theater which was spectacular. it was an amazing birthday!

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