Tuesday, July 8, 2014

// my sweet ballerina //

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growing up i loved to dance. i was always dancing. i did it for a couple years competitively but for this reason or that i didn't do it for as long as i would have liked to. i still to this day wish i would have done it for much longer. as soon as i knew i was going to have a little girl i seriously looked forward to the day that i would get to put her in dance class. as brooklynn went from baby to toddler she became extremely shy. i was sure that i would have that child who was screaming while clinging to me when the time came for her to start school. i. was. sure. but something happened to my extremely shy little girl over the past 8 months. she broke out of her shell. she became the little girl she was in front of just me to the world and it is awesome! she loved going to preschool and now she's in dance and gymnastics and loves every second of it. on dance day before i'm even awake and out of bed she is already dressed in her leotard and ballet shoes standing at the side of my bed begging me to do her hair in a pretty ballet bun. and let me tell you something.. I LOVE IT!  she is my sweet girlie girl and i love her so much. i love watching her class and watching her grow!
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