Sunday, July 6, 2014

// 4th of july weekend //

this 4th of july weekend was a blast. it started off with going to our favorite donut shop daylight donuts in pleasant grove. now, there are a lot of daylight donuts around but this specific one in pleasant grove is the best. seriously these donuts are on point. after eating way too many donuts we headed to a little firework stand to get some fireworks to do with brooklynn that night. we let her pick out which fireworks she wanted and she found this little package of fireworks that came in a little backpack so naturally that's what she picked..

that afternoon we headed to salt lake to sugar house park where they had bounce houses, foot carts, snow cones, and a bunch of different vendors. we met my sister-in-law courtney there with her kids. brooklynn was so excited so play with her cousins. we stayed there for a couple hours but opted out of staying until 10pm for the fireworks since quinn and brooklynn were both beyond tired by 7pm so we ended up heading home to do brooklynn's backpack fireworks.

now brooklynn's little backpack fireworks were... let me say... pretty lame. she enjoyed it but i feel like they weren't working the way they were supposed to so that was kind of a bummer. but it still was a great 4th of july.

on saturday we headed up to salt lake again to go swimming with courtney and her kids again. one of curtis' best friends just moved back to salt lake and met us there which was really fun to see him after almost 3 years. we spent almost the whole day there.

that night our neighborhood put on the most awesome block party called the cul de sac of fire which we were planning on going to but our little quinny just couldn't hack it and needed to go to bed. it was fine though because they were doing the firework show right behind our house so we had great seats to the show. my brother scott and his wife brittany came to enjoy the show with us and the show was awesome! they had good music playing and the show lasted for almost 25 minutes. i was shocked at how good the fireworks were. about half way through the show brooklynn was over it and asked to go get in bed. she had had a long couple of days but she was a champ.

after the fireworks scott and brittany stayed and played the train game with us where curtis won and i lost. one of these days i will win the train came or settlers... one day..

sunday was a laid back day where we went to church, had a yummy dinner and played settlers..

it was a great holiday weekend. i love the 4th of july and i am so grateful that i was born in the best country in the entire world. i sure am proud to be an american!

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