Tuesday, July 15, 2014

// splash park and snow cones //

this summer has seriously been so great so far.. and it is just getting better. i definitely prefer summer to winter.. we have been spending a lot of time with all of brooklynn's cute cousins and she has been having a blast! lots of swimming and snow cones and splash parks. the best! i love watching the relationships between brooklynn and her cousins grow. she truly loves them.

the other day was quinn's first time at the splash park and i was interested to see how she would do there. i put her down and she was off. she was crawling all around that little splash park weaving in and out of kids ways like she was the boss of that place. it was awesome! i love how brave she is. she is a feisty little one. and after that we had the most glorious snow cones. i can't stop thinking about them. i think there will be another trip there in the near future!!

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