Wednesday, June 18, 2014

// living life intentionally //

okay my friends, i'm starting a new blog. this blog. i feel like i've been living my life in a lull.. (spelling?) i don't know. i've been wanting to make so many changes in my life, getting rid of any negative and adding to the positive. changing my life for the better.. you know, living my life more intentionally. not just letting things happen to me and live life day to day just trying to fill them. i want more purpose.

i want to make major changes for my health. i want to finally loose all of that "baby weight" i've been trying to loose since i had my first child brooklynn.. i want to loose the weight so i can get pregnant with baby #3 and for once have a healthy pregnancy and not feel horrible during it and after. i want to be able to play with my kids and run around with them and not feel exhausted after 10 minutes. i want to feel confident in my body again. become the person i was before i put on all of this weight. i want to take my health into my own hands and make it better. i want to be strong again.

i want to make it a point to give my children everything they need. to make sure they know they are loved. to take the time to be patient with them and to love them. to teach them all the things i want them to know and need to know. to teach them to be strong independent girls. confident girls who love themselves and are kind to others.

i want to be more intentional with my husband. take time to date him and nurture our relationship even when times get tough. 

i want to be more creative, learn new things. i have a love for photography (mostly just of my own life) that i want to do more of. i want to document these times with my kids so they have something to look back at and know what they were like as children.

that's what i want this blog to be. to document my life.. to document the changes i want to make. to follow through. to document myself finally becoming the person i want and know i can be.