Sunday, January 17, 2016

photos from life lately

i keep saying i'm going to get back to blogging & then something happens that prevents me from doing it, you know, being lazy & watching too much tv. but i for real want to get back at it. i really do miss doing it but i have been having a hard time finding my flow again. hopefully i can get it. i think i have struggled since there was so much i wanted to blog about that i missed but i've decided i am just starting back up right here right now & i am not going to try & back track. but here are a few photos from the last few weeks that i just thought were too cute to not share. so here they are & here's to trying to find my flow.

 photo IMG_2496_zpsas2iqyyn.jpg
 photo IMG_2461_zpsvhobn6f4.jpg
 photo IMG_2665_zpslu4u2rmj.jpg
 photo IMG_2506_zpsn88w9fjb.jpg
 photo IMG_8504_zpsblo4qnyu.jpg
 photo IMG_8676_zpswqk1ucs0.jpg
 photo IMG_2523_zpsy3gix6a6.jpg
 photo IMG_2597_zpsjlxhfp4l.jpg
 photo IMG_8523_zpspgdkwak1.jpg