Saturday, December 26, 2015

puerto vallarta, mexico

a couple of weeks ago curtis and i were lucky enough to go to mexico for a week! it was with his work and so everything was paid for which makes a vacation so much better! other than on our cruise i've never actually been out of the country so it was my first time going through customs and using my passport which was both fun and annoying all at the same time.

we had a great time! the kiddos stayed with my sister janice in california while we were gone (thanks again jan!) we did so many fun things and we also did a lot of relaxing which was really nice. the first day we got there curtis' boss scheduled all of the wives that were there an 80 min massage which was the absolute best way to start a vacation!

the next day we took a boat out to this private island where we had an amazing lunch right on the water and went paddle boarding. curtis went snorkeling while i relaxing on the beach. it was such a beautiful beach and it was amazing except for the fact that on the way there i got super sea sick so that wasn't fun. on the way back i sat at the very back and bottom level and that helped a lot.. just a little advice incase anyone who get motion sick and it planning on going on a double decker boat in the middle of the ocean any time soon.. you're welcome.

the next day we went zip lining which was seriously one of the coolest experiences i have ever had. i'm not a super out doorsie kind of person and it was a little out of my element and it was awesome. we took this little speed boat to this little town.. (i don't get motion sick on speed boats which was nice). and then we got in the back of this open type jeep thing and went off roading up the mountain. when we got off the jeep we got all of our gear on and then got on mules that took us up even farther. then we did all different types of zip lines a repels and water slides and it was amazing. repelling scared the crap out of me but i felt like i was conquering some fears and it was super freeing. i would absolutely do it again! 

the next night we went back out to that private island on that same boat, luckily i learned how to minimize my motion sickness. the island had no electricity and it was all lit up by torches and candles. it was pretty amazing. we watch this awesome acrobatic show and then ate dinner right on the water again. it was pretty incredible. 

after that we just relaxed for the last two days.. played volley ball... ate lots of food.. and had lots of fruity drinks. by the time the week was over we were more than ready to be back with our girls but it was a pretty amazing week! here are some photos.. i didn't get a lot of great ones because i didn't bring our good camera and my phone wasn't working so i rarely had it but i did take a lot of photos of the sky because in case you didn't know this about me i am obsessed with a pretty sky..

 photo IMG_8148_zpsbtbthabn.jpg
 photo IMG_8152_zpskzy2prgw.jpg
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