Sunday, July 12, 2015

summertime with my people

this summer really has been one for the books. i feel like it has been so much fun with quinn being a little older and really enjoying all of the things we do. we have done a lot of things with our friends which has been awesome. but even doing things just us has been really great too! i love my little family. i may be a bit bias but i think they are the best ever! there is never a dull moment that is for sure! we've been going to splash pads and parks almost every day. we even got a little pool for the back yard which was a major hit! i of course had to get a tarp to go under it because i cannot walk on wet grass. anyone hear me? wet grass is the worst! especially wet texas grass. no thank you. that tarp is the bomb! basically we have been having the best summer ever. in a few days the girls and i head to california for a few weeks which will be even more fun.. unfortunately curtis has to stay here for work. no summer fun for him! but for the girls and i are summer has been the best so far!

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