Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of july weekend 2015

this 4th of july weekend was an absolute blast! we got up on friday morning and headed out to austin to curtis' brothers house. we spent that day hanging out with josh and his girlfriend laura. we headed to a childrens museum by their place called the thinkery which the girls had a blast at then got some dinner at torchy's (of course), and then headed back to their place put the kiddos to bed and played a board game that i should have won but curtis won and it made me really mad and i'm totally not still bitter about it at all. i do however need to point out how much quinn loves her uncle josh. she doesn't usually go to other people especially when i am around but she just wanted to be with him 24/7 and it was so cute!!

we got up early saturday morning and drove out to dallas. our first stop was at curtis' grandparents house. it was so much fun to see them! we just do not see them enough! we all looked though old photos and caught up and it was so great! i wish we could have stayed longer but the girls were extremely tired and were starting to get restless. we left there and got some lunch where i had the best grilled cheese sandwich that i have ever had. i'm serious. it was so good! then we went and checked into the belmont dallas hotel which had the most incredible view of the dallas skyline! we took the girls swimming for a bit and then attempted but failed at trying to get them to take a little nap. so we just hung in our room and got ready for the night. 

that night we went to the texas rangers game. we were a little nervous to take the girls to the game since it started at 8 and we really wanted to stay until the end because they had a firework show at the end. when we got in the car to go both girls fell asleep so we stayed in the car for the first two innings and let them get a little nap. once we were in the game i was amazed at how well the girls did. quinn especially was just hamming it up with everyone and just was in the best mood! we ended up watching the fireworks from the outside of the stadium because where we sitting but the show was great! we went back to our hotel and i was a little shocked at how well quinn went to sleep being in the same room as us. we just all got into bed and i put her in her pack n play and turned the lights off and she did not make a peep until 8 the next morning. it was awesome! dream baby that girl. (most of the time. ha)

sunday morning we got up got something to eat and headed home. on the way we made a little detour to curtis' hometown of robinson. we drove past his old house and his old high school. it was so fun to see this little town. definiltey a big difference from where i grew up! i loved it so much! by the time we got home we were all pretty exhausted but it was well worth it! i love the 4th of july and i am so proud to be an american! i love this country! 

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