Wednesday, June 17, 2015

how whole30 is changing my life

let me first start off by saying i was terrified to start this whole30 deal. i'd read about it.. seen some people who had done it (who had way more self control than me) and i just did not think i would be able to do it. i'd tired so many different diets before and they never lasted more than a week and i never saw any type of results. i just chalked it up to the fact that i had no self control and i that i was never going to find anything that worked for me that didn't make me feel like i wanted to die all of the time.

my good friend aimee out here in texas is a firm believer in whole30 and so i decided that i was going to give it a try. i mean what could it hurt? now, week 1 was really hard for me. but it wasn't necessarily because of whole30. i had to get a root canal and i had an infection so bad my entire face swelled up and i was in an enormous amount of pain.. but somehow i stuck with it. i did not cheat a single time and i could not believe it. by around day 7 my infection was pretty much all gone and i was actually feeling really good. week 2 went really well, as each day passed i was feeling more and more empowered. i noticed that my stomach was shrinking and i wasn't need to eat huge amounts of food to get full and stay full. it was pretty incredible. by day 14 i started to notice major changes in my body, i can see my waist shirking and my skin has never been so clear! 

sometimes i do feel like i get bored with what i am eating but the way i feel does not lie. i genuinely feel like i have so much more energy and i feel like i am way more productive during the day. maybe it's all the dishes i'm constantly having to clean that just makes me feel like i may as well clean my whole house. i just feel good.

now i am about half way though my third week and i've added exercise into the mix and i just feel even better. honestly, when my 30 days are up i don't think i am going to stop.. well, i take that back, i may give myself a treat here and there but i am just feeling so good that i don't know why i would ruin a good thing. i can finally see my goals becoming reality and it feels good!

yay for whole30!!

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