Monday, March 2, 2015

torcy's tacos

this weekend curtis told me about a taco place here in katy that he had heard was really good. i looked it up and found out that it was in this cute little outdoor shopping center that has a little pond with ducks. brooklynn has been asking to feed ducks for a while now so we headed over there. when we got there is was unusually crowded and we realized that there was a dance studio that was putting on a princess event there and they had all the disney princesses there including anna and elsa. the girls were thrilled. we went a fed the ducks, then headed to torchy's and had the most amazing taco's we'd ever had. i'm serious. these tacos. amazing. i want them again now. yum. anyway now that i've wiped the drool off my face i can continue.. after we headed over to this little grass area where the princesses were walking around and taking photos with all the kids. we had to wait in line to see anna and elsa and when we got to the front brooklynn freaked out and didn't want to stand with them so quinn took the photo alone. then they did a little show, the princesses sang a few songs and then the dance studio kids did a few dances. both the girls loved the show.. i need to get brooklynn back in dance. it turned out to be a way better day than we had planned on it being. it was a great unexpected surprise! 

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