Friday, March 6, 2015

i have insanely talented parents

my parents are pretty amazing. and not to mention really talented. my mom has made my daughters so many different things from dresses to baby carriers that they love. it's so special to have these items knowing that my mom made them. this christmas my dad surprised me and made brooklynn the most beautiful baby doll crib. i'm serious it's gorgeous! i saw him building it in the garage before christmas and i told him that i hoped it was for brooklynn. my parents lied to me and told me it was for someone at my moms work and i was super bummed. then on christmas day she opened it and we both we extremely excited! haha i felt like it was for me.. even though it was for brooklynn. and quinn loves it too, they love to put their babies to bed in it. brooklynn will after ask me to babysit her baby and then give me directions on how to put her baby down for a nap. it really is the sweetest. i love watching both of my girls be so sweet a caring with baby dolls.. it kind of makes me a little bit baby hungry.. okay a lot baby hungry.. but that is besides the point. the point is that my dad is extremely talented and so is my mom. you should be very very jealous.

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