Monday, March 23, 2015

galveston, texas

guess what guys! texas has the beach too! not just california! okay, i knew there was not only beaches in california but it's pretty fun that we have the beach here too. today we headed down to galveston which is about an hour from us and did some fun stuff in that little beach town. first we did the baywatch dolphin tour. we went out on this little tug boat and looked for dolphins and we actually saw a bunch of them! it was pretty cool. i thought both of the girls would love it but right as the boat was was pulling out of the dock the captan hock this really loud horn that scared the crap out of quinn and then she was just never the same after that.. she just whined on and off for most of the ride and then fell asleep which i was kind of bummed about because she loves animals so much and i really thought she was going to love it! but brooklynn loved it and so did curtis and i! 

after the boat tour we headed to this little restaurant right on the harbor which was fun to be outside but the food was not that good. i don't even remember what the place was called but it was the first time in a long time where is was just completely unsatisfied by my food. it was pretty disappointing. especially because curtis and brooklynn didn't like their food! the only one who enjoyed the restaurant was quinn because the waitress brought her a lemonade even though we didn't order it.. which i didn't love but whatever she loved it.. 

after our sad lunch, we headed over to the beach which brooklynn has been asking to do for weeks and let her play in the water. she was in complete heaven! quinn was not sure what she thought about it. i don't think she liked the feel of the sand which is something we are going to need to change. it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. pretty soon the weather is going to get really really hot so i am going to enjoy the spring weather while i can! 

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