Sunday, October 26, 2014

minivans and moving to houston

 photo IMG_2579_zps61b1f81b.jpg
let me first start off by saying i am super excited about our new minivan. when i was younger (not that i'm old now) i told myself i would never ever be a minivan mom. i would absolutely have a big suv but definitely not a van. there was just no chance in heck i would be driving around a minivan. i'm so much cooler than that. wrong. minivans are cool. they are as cool as they come. they make some nice minivans now and the space. oh the space. so much space. and with kids, space is huge. plus our sweet toyota sienna drives like a dream. i keep finding myself flying over 80 mph because it rides so smooth that i don't even realize that i am going that fast. gosh i love that car.. and for those of you who think minivans are not cool well, you haven't driven mine. ;)

now on to the moving to houston part. my husband has gotten himself a little promotion that will be moving us to houston, texas and we couldn't be more excited about it. curtis was born and raised in texas so he is going home. we will be living in a small town just went of houston called katy and we have heard nothing but good things about this place. now this is a bitter sweet move of course because we are going to miss all of our utah peeps and we will be much farther away from my family in california. and yes yes i know what you're thinking.. dang those duty's they move all the time. and yes it's true we do, but that's just how we roll and we love it. but this move will be much more long term and i couldn't think of a better place to settle down. so houston.. get ready because here we come!