Wednesday, January 11, 2017

i love being an aunt!

so i absolutely love being an aunt! and i mean, nothing beats being a mom but i really love being an aunt! my sister janice had all four of her boys before i ever had a child and so those boys hold a very special place in my heart because they were legit the first babies i ever had any experience with and i just love them so much! (don't get me wrong i love ALL of my nieces a nephews! i have the best ones ever!) so when my sister asked me if when she and her husband kris were going to europe and taking their two older boys if i would watch her two younger boys carson and hendrix i said heck yes! she flew them out here to stay with us for 5 days and we had an absolute blast!! seriously we had so much fun! we went to the movies a couple times, we hit up some bounce house places, curtis took them to this new dart gun place by our house, we went to the zoo, and a couple other fun places, we also had lots of ice cream and just hung out and i seriously mean it when i say i did not want them to go back home! my girls had a blast having them here and we are all so sad that they are gone now! i guess we just need to take a trip out to california very soon!

here are some photos from their time here. they aren't the best quality which bugs me but we were having too much fun and i have to post what i have!

also while we were at the zoo the lions were being so playful and i got some video of this.. i already posted it on fb but i have to post it here too because it was too good!