Saturday, November 5, 2016

10K trail race recap

alright guys, i did it. i ran the 10k and it was harder than expected. lets start off by talking about my training.. or lack there of. i did not train enough for this race. i did really good for about 2 weeks and then i stopped. i only went on two real trail runs when i should have been going on a few a week to prepare for this race. i don't know why i didn't go on more because they are awesome with amazing views. but it's just so much different than running on a road. when you are on a trail run you have to deal with rocks and mud and all different kids of elements that you don't have to deal with when you are running on the road. here are some photos from my (lack of) training.

see what i mean about those views? amazing. so flash forward to today. the longest i had gone in my "training" was 3.5 miles so i was so scared for today. i barely slept last night because i was so nervous that i was going to sleep through my alarm. and then all morning my stomach was hurting because i was so nervous about the run. i so badly didn't want to be the last person to finish. that just seemed like it would be the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen. then when i showed up for the race and saw that our group of runners for the 10k wasn't anymore than 30-40 people i just knew i was going to be last and felt even more sick to my stomach. 

the race finally started and i kid you not, by .25 miles every single person running the 10k had passed me and i was feeling pretty down on myself. i wanted to quit right then and there. i mean, not only had everyone passed me but i couldn't even see anyone anymore. i was 100% on my own and in the back. for the first 2 miles i felt awful. my legs hurt, i wanted to cry, i wanted to quit and i hated myself for signing up for this race that i was so terrible at.. then once i hit mile 3 i started to feel better. my legs didn't hurt as bad and once i got over the fact that i was going to be last i let it go and decided to just do the best i could. i mean, i was still out there running almost 7 miles which is something that i've never ever in my life done before and i top of that i was doing it on a trail which was much harder than i anticipated. i ran/walked the entire thing by myself with not another person in sight aside for the occasional marathoner who was lapping me. it was quite peaceful actually. i wish i could have run more and walked less but i am beyond proud of myself for finishing. even if i was the last one to cross that finish line. i wanted to do it under 2 hours and i did. i crossed, i finished and i'm proud. 

and as much as my legs and feet are killing me right now i am going to do another race. and next time i will do better. 

and thanks megan for being my running buddy. you are the best!! and super inspiring!