Sunday, September 13, 2015

parents night out

brooklynn started preschool last week and a new school and she is loving it so far! her school does this thing called parents night out once a month which is basically really cheap babysitting for a couple hours. we decided to take advantage of it and since my friend's daughter also goes to the school we decided to make a little last minute double date out of it! we went to top golf which i had been wanting to go to forever and it was a blast! it is a driving range where you get points by hitting these huge lit up targets on the ground. and they play loud dance music and you can have food and drinks and it is so fun! definitely will be going back!

 photo IMG_1677_zpsbtcf3jgg.jpg
 photo IMG_1681_zpslfqsphe0.jpg
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 photo IMG_1697_zpsfberaaqu.jpg