Thursday, March 12, 2015

houston zoo

today we went to the houston zoo even though it was raining. it is spring break here so we expected it to be really crowded but when we woke up it was rainy and we went anyway which turned out to kind of be great. it sprinkled a little bit while we were there and it was really wet but it was not crowded at all. it was nice cause the kiddos were able to be right up front with all of the animals and get a good look. also the elephants today were being nuts. for real it was quite the show. we had a great time with great friends. 

 photo DSC_0003_zpscepb8ftl.jpg
 photo DSC_0020_zpslscqdvby.jpg
 photo DSC_0022_zpsfq4ah7bk.jpg
 photo DSC_0023_zps5kayrht3.jpg
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